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This community is a place to discuss the business of dropshipping, from the entrepreneur side. It’s a place to share resources, solve problems and have serious discussions on issues we all face. As always it’s important to consider the software’s pricing and in this example I’ve compared it with both Pricematik and Profit Scraper to give you an idea of how PriceYak stacks up against its closest competitors.

There’s a strange psychology with eBay users (me included!) who are of the opinion that for items under say $100, eBay has got to be the cheapest place to purchase. As we can see from the below example this truly isn’t correct.

  1. For those who are new to the expression ‘retail arbitrage’, this is where you buy an item and then sell it on for a higher price.
  2. By using the following link you can receive a 14 day free subscription to Pricematik.
  3. Let’s venture back in time to the Silk Road to look at a historic ‘retail arbitrage’.
  4. I signed up to a free trail using this link to test the software and provide an overview of my experience below.
  5. As we can see from the below example this truly isn’t correct.
  6. Make sure you verify your account to remove an sending/receiving limits which Paypal may apply to new users.

I’d strongly recommend the Featured shop as you’ll easily reach the free 200 listings with the Profit Scraper software and as such need 1200 free listings. Make sure the shop name is in line with the image you want to portray, I’ve used Online-UK-Saving in the past. Let’s venture back in time to the Silk Road to look at a historic ‘retail arbitrage’. The Silk Road began over 2,000 years ago with the likes of silk, cotton, glass, salt etc traded between merchants who would seek to by items in the east and sell them for a higher price in the west. Below I set out a brief overview of each of the available platforms. I’ve personally tested each of these products so do click through and read the full reviews.

As you’ve uploaded the items through Hydro Lister these will automatically be within SKU Grid with standard monitoring functions being undertaken. You can choose the frequency of the price monitoring for which each pricing costs one credit. Profit Scraper recently had to close their membership subscription due to poplar demand. This has since reopened however I suspect this will be for a limited time only. Check here to see whether Profit Scraper are still accepting new members.

Whilst having been a strong advocate of Profit Scraper over the last 6 months (see my review here), the free trail at Pricematik has opened my eyes to a very similar product offering. Reliability isn’t quite as good and it’s slightly more expensive for beginners. Use this link to sign up for a free trail with Pricematik now.

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Pricematik Review – Why I’m Thinking of Converting?

Connecting to your eBay account isn’t perhaps as straight forwards as other platforms but there are a number of walk throughs on Youtube prepared by SKU Grid which should help. Now that you’ve seen that the product works and it’s possible to make some extra cash, I thought it would be useful to provide a step by step guide to setting up your Profit Scraper Account. Whilst setting out knowing that Aura Profit Hunter offers a relatively limited service product, I was surprise at just how basic the product seemed to be. Once you’ve uploaded your items to PriceYak and subsequently eBay, you can adjust the sourcing settings to determine the minimum guaranteed profit levels per item and also percentage profit margains. By default, pricing and availability is updated every two hours with profit margins of 10% set after eBay and PayPal fees. If you follow my blog you may well know I currently use Profit Scraper (7 day free trial available using this link) to run my operations however a number of readers have asked for my thoughts on the PriceYak software.

Signing Up to eBay / Paypal / Amazon

These platforms can also automatically order items for a cost of $0.40 per sale. As always I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this joint SKU Grid and Hydra Lister review. For anyone who’s interested Profit Scraper have recently reopened membership. I’d strongly recommend signing up to the 7 day trial with this link.

PriceYak Review – Should you sign up?

Now that we know that the Hydra Lister / SKU Grid offers a limited service product in comparison to some of its competitors, it’s important to assess the costs. Whilst this may not seem time consuming when purchasing a single item, if you’re ever planning on scaling the business to say 30 sales a day or if even a lot more, this process will take a considerable amount of time. As you may have guessed, the software doesn’t support automatic purchasing. SKU Grid offer a 7 day free trial which I signed up to and was promptly provided with log in details. The platform home page takes a little getting used to and unlike most competing products pricing is based on a credit basis.

Profit Spy – Why i’d run the other way!

Unlike Profit Scraper, PriceYak handles integration from 4 source markets and can list them on three destination markets. Join our mailing list to receive our best articles on luxury worldwide travel and points earning opportunities. Pricematik offers clean straight forward software which allows you to upload products to eBay by the click of a mouse. Once on eBay the software automatically monitors pricing and inventory (exactly the same as Profit Scraper). Within the platforms settings you’ll need to connect your SKU Grid and Hydra Lister Platforms together which will allow you to load items from Hydra Lister to SKU Grid and then directly on to eBay. From this point forwards and once you’ve selected the items you’d like to upload to eBay, you’ll need to download the items in an CVS format using a third-party software to upload the items.

By using the following link you can receive a 14 day free subscription to Pricematik. Profit Scraper have since reopened their membership however I suspect this will be for a limited time. Using this link for a 7 day free Profit Scraper Trial. Pricematik is the software which I’ve also tested however would only use if Profit Scraper wasn’t available. Don’t forget to sign up here to receive a 14 day free trial.

If I was to scale the business to say 10,000 items (20 times current amount) I feel that profits in the region of 10 to 20 times current average profit (i.e £730 – £1460 per week) may be achievable. I’m in the process of expanding the number of items and hope to beable to update the blog once this has been done. I’d recommend reading why I’ve recently considered switching to Pricematik. In short, Pricematik offers the most cost effective price when listing over 3,000 items. To compare the costs with PriceYak above, if I was to list 25,000 items using Pricematik it would cost just $0.02 per item verses $0.10 for PriceYak. A considerable saving when you are listing soo many items I’m sure you’ll agree.

As always, it’s important that the software is supported by strong customer service. Whilst the product was easy to set up, I questioned a couple of things (to test their responsiveness) and was surprised with the speedy replies from Nick (the founder) in both instances. The final thing to do now is to pay for the item (s). As mentioned earlier, I would strongly recommend using the American Express Cashback Platinum Card and making sure you use this link to get a further £25 cashback when you make your first sale.

The act of buying an item and selling it on for a higher price, is by no means illegal and in fact is the cornerstone of our economy. Automatic Ordering costs $0.40 per successful order, in addition to the repricing service fee. As I mentioned earlier the general interface is easy to use and directs you in the direction of the scraping facilities. The scraping facilities allow you to search for items by category with a minimum profit margin.

You’ll quickly find that there are two types of products on the market. The first is a fully automated platform which will source profit arbitrage opportunities, automatically load these to eBay, monitor pricing and even order the products on your behalf. The second type of software is a limited service product which usually scrapes already identified opportunities and lists (sometimes monitoring but unlikely) these items to eBay. The above clearly shows that the limited service combination of the combined platforms are considerably more expensive than the full service providers of Pricematik and Profit Scraper.