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While many Taco Bell locations stay open until midnight or 1 a.m., you’ll also find plenty of them ready to serve you at the drive-thru until 3 or 4 a.m. The chain’s value menu runs eight items deep if you’re looking for a late-night bargain. While this famous Steakburger joint originally built a reputation for being open 24/7, many Steak ‘n Shake locations now are open until midnight, with some going until 2 a.m.

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A 2016 study suggests that some dinosaurs produced closed mouth vocalizations like cooing, hooting and booming. These occur in both reptiles and birds and involve inflating the esophagus or tracheal pouches. Such vocalizations evolved independently in extant archosaurs numerous times, following increases in body size. The field of dinosaur research has enjoyed a surge in activity that began in the 1970s and is ongoing. This was triggered, in part, by John Ostrom’s discovery and 1969 description of Deinonychus, an active predator that may have been warm-blooded, in marked contrast to the then-prevailing image of dinosaurs as sluggish and cold-blooded.

  • In 2009, a team including Schweitzer announced that, using even more careful methodology, they had duplicated their results by finding similar soft tissue in a duck-billed dinosaur, Brachylophosaurus canadensis, found in the Judith River Formation of Montana.
  • The cuisine of South Tyrol – the northern half of the Trentino-Alto Adige region – combines culinary influences from Italy and the Mediterranean with a strong alpine regional and Austrian influence.
  • The new ICBM force grew from 63 intercontinental ballistic missiles to 424.
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  • Historically, Christianity has often been a patron of science and medicine; many Catholic clergy, Jesuits in particular, have been active in the sciences throughout history and have made significant contributions to the development of science.

Christians believe that Jesus, as the Messiah, was anointed by God as savior of humanity and hold that Jesus’ coming was the fulfillment of messianic prophecies of the Old Testament. The Christian concept of messiah differs significantly from the contemporary Jewish concept. The core Christian belief is that through belief in and acceptance of the death and resurrection of Jesus, sinful humans can be reconciled to God, and thereby are offered salvation and the promise of eternal life. Wikipedia’s health care articles can be viewed offline with the Medical Wikipedia app. In 1996, Ugandan-born Canadian Johnson Aziga was diagnosed with HIV; he subsequently had unprotected sex with eleven women without disclosing his diagnosis.

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Most of the elite of media and politics shifted their attitudes to match the values that the Soviets were thought to favor and approve. Only after the sticky rice ithaca ascent of Mikhail Gorbachev to Soviet leadership in 1985 did mass media in Finland gradually begin to criticise the Soviet Union more. When the Soviet Union allowed non-communist governments to take power in Eastern Europe, Gorbachev suggested they could look to Finland as an example to follow. On 18 November 1956, while addressing Western dignitaries at a reception in Moscow’s Polish embassy, Khrushchev infamously declared, “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you”, shocking everyone present.

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The discovery was reported in 1998, and described the specimen of a small, juvenile coelurosaur, Scipionyx samniticus. The fossil includes portions of the intestines, colon, liver, muscles, and windpipe of this dinosaur. Although some later groups of dinosaurs featured further modified versions of these traits, they are considered typical for Dinosauria; the earliest dinosaurs had them and passed them on to their descendants. Such modifications, originating in the most recent common ancestor of a certain taxonomic group, are called the synapomorphies of such a group. Birds are now recognized as being the sole surviving lineage of theropod dinosaurs.

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In late February 1946, George F. Kennan’s “Long Telegram” from Moscow to Washington helped to articulate the US government’s increasingly hard line against the Soviets, which would become the basis for US strategy toward the Soviet Union for the duration of the Cold War. The telegram galvanized a policy debate that would eventually shape the Truman administration’s Soviet policy. Washington’s opposition to the Soviets accumulated after broken promises by Stalin and Molotov concerning Europe and Iran. Following the WWII Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran, the country was occupied by the Red Army in the far north and the British in the south. Iran was used by the United States and British to supply the Soviet Union, and the Allies agreed to withdraw from Iran within six months after the cessation of hostilities.


In the central provinces of India they established schools, orphanages, hospitals, and churches, and spread the gospel message in zenanas. Iesous Christos Theou Hyios Soter may be a more complete transliteration; in Koine Greek, the daseia or spiritus asper had largely ceased being pronounced and was not—commonly—marked in the majuscule script of the time. Jewish and Muslim theologians criticize the doctrine of the Trinity held by most Christians, stating that this doctrine in effect assumes that there are three gods, running against the basic tenet of monotheism. New Testament scholar Robert M. Price has outlined the possibility that some Bible stories are based partly on myth in The Christ Myth Theory and its problems. Eastern Christian scientists and scholars of the medieval Islamic world contributed to the Arab Islamic civilization during the reign of the Umayyad and the Abbasid, by translating works of Greek philosophers to Syriac and afterwards, to Arabic.

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